Memnon is an experimental music duo of kantele player Eva Alkula and sound designer Ville Hyvönen.

Memnon examines interfaces and collisions between traditional instrument and modern design, classical training and modern electronics, academic and experimental music, compositions and sound design.

The Finnish kantele playing and sound tradition is taken to a new modern level by approaching it  from totally different perspectives: memnon combines the unique Finnish sound of kantele with scandinavian electronic minimalism, and widens the classical kantele tradition to experimental sound landscapes.

Eva Alkula has  graduated from  the Sibelius Academy, where she majored contemporary and classical kantele music.

In 1999 –2000 she studied Japanese koto at the Hokkaido University of Education in Sapporo. In Memnon Eva plays newly designed 39-string electric kantele built by Koistinen Kantele.

Ville Hyvönen is sound designer and producer working on a wide field of  theatre and music-scene,ranging from rock to contemporary electronic music and modern stage-drama.

He uses a laptop computer to  sample and real-time manipulate Eva’s playing.

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Gigs in Europe:
22.4.2004 Feeniks klubi @ Siba, Helsinki
23.8.2004 Art Goes kapakka @ Baker's, Helsinki
12.1.2005 Museum of Technology, Helsinki
15.1.2005 Feeniks klubi @ Siba, Helsinki
27.2.2005 Lumo-klubi @ Koko teatteri, Helsinki
16.4.2005 Pixelache @ Umo Jazz house, Helsinki
25.11.2005 Ultrasound @ Huddersfiels, UK
28.11.2005 Ambient space @ London, UK
09.12.2005 Plektrum @ Tallinn, Estonia
29.04.2006 Mains d'Œuvres, Paris
27.02.2007 St.Petersburg, Russia
02.06.2007 Teatteri Takono, Helsinki, Finland
25.05.2008 Troldsalen, Bergen, Norway

Memnon tour in Japan 2005 / 2006:
02.5.2005 BEEB basement theater @ Sendai
13.5.2005 with Finnish export project @ Finnpro, Tokyo
15.5.2005 20:30 @ Astro Hall, Tokyo
19.5.2005 Date-city
21.5.2005 Planetarium @ Sapporo
22.5.2005 Asai Gakuen University, Sapporo
25.5.2005 @ Noya- restaurant, Sapporo
27.5.2005 LABO, Shotoh, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
08.05.2006 Tsubo / Tokyo
11.05.2006 Fukuoka
26.5.2007 Pit Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo
27.5.2007 Sun Buddy Ekoda, Tokyo

memnon tour blog 2005
memnon tour photo blog 2006
memnon tour photo blog 2007


memnon CD released in may 2007. ask from your local record shop


download memnon 2007 album here as 256kbps mp3 (.zip size 85 MB) and press donate button to pay 10€ or more via paypal. All major credit cards. tracklist 1/pim 2/keli 3/sekuni 4/siena 5/tila 6/keli softys 7/sekuni scanner

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